轩辕特钢(中国)致力成为大陆钢铁供应链之领头羊,与其它加工贸易商相比,我们服务于更多名列 CHINA 500 强的客户.作为专业的特种钢材加工商及贸易商,我们将本地信息与全球网络相结合,不断跟踪国际最新钢铁信息,为本土加工制造领域的客户推荐和供应轩辕特钢之拳头产品.

Liaocheng Xuanyuantegang Materials Co., Ltd. is an enterprise which specialized in researching,developing,producing and marketing of Gamma ray protective equipment.Its main business is Medical anti-radiation window,Medical gas-tight door,Anti-radiation barium sulfate,Anti-radiation lead screen and Radial protection plate.




  • Oct 17,2018

    Photograph Recognition Technology Making The World a Shop Eyeport

    The retail environment has undergone a reshaping, thanks to the advent of smart and technologies like interactive television, augmented reality, store based technologies, and image recognition. These

  • Oct 11,2018

    Whispered Paper Writers Secrets

    People hiding their names due to the fact that they don’t want folks to know they support that type of stuff. Pupils endure a whole lot of constant worry when they’re confronted with a lot